About us

We are a French couple, Yoann, 32 years old and Melanie, 29 years old. We come from La Rochelle, a city located along French west coast.

We are in New Zealand from August 2018 to October 2019, more than a year with a Working Holiday Visa. We are travelling with our self-contained van.

We really have to improve our English so -> sorry for the mistakes ! If someone would like proofread this page, it could be great !

Yoann and Mélanie with « Pile-Poil » our gentle van !

A project with a school

We created this blog for a school in France (based in Niort, west coast). Some pupils are going to discover our trip all year long. We share with them thanks to this blog. We met them before we left France, in June. French pupils are on big holidays in July and August, during the hot summer! They go back to school at the beginning of September.

A project with Street-Art Magazine (French Magazine)

Melanie is a volunteer reporter for Street-Art Magazine. She has to write an article about street-art in New-Zealand. So, we are looking for places to visit where there are these kind of pieces of art and obviously… meet artists !

We visited K-Road in Auckland when we arrived and then Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Nelson,…

Our desire during this year

We hope travel through the country as well as it is possible! We do some HelpX, wwoofing, visits and works… on the road ! We desire discover amazing landscapes, learn English (we have real progress to do !), meet Kiwis and their way of life,… all is possible during this year, it’s a year about adventure and freedom !

HelpX and Wwoofing : here are some experiences we had in New Zealand

References on HelpX website

We are able to do a lot of things.

Yoann : he renovated his flat in France (some electricity, painting, bricks on a wall, decoration…). He likes working more in interior or doing handy things.

Mélanie : she really likes work outside. She likes gardening (weeding, pruning…) and animals (ok for cleaning chickens coop, feeding animals…). Also, she likes kids (looking after, playing with…)

Both : we like cleanliness so cleaning is not an issue for us ! We can cook and we like cook some french pancakes (crêpes) for other people.

fin peinture chambre
We painted an entirely bedroom (cleaning and sanding walls, windows and ceiling then painting) – Laingholm
Yoann did some carpentry on a door (Johnsonville/Wellington)
jardin avant
Before (garden in Johnsonville/Wellington)
jardin après
After – Mélanie did some gardening : pruning  scrubs
We did a lot of weeding ! Mélanie loves that, Yoann not at all !
We moved a lot of cut wood (really heavy !) in Upper Hutt
We painted a lot of meters of landing fence in Huana
We rebuilt a stone stairs in a garden in Auckland
Stone stairs done.
We painted exteriors walls in Auckland
Weeding in a garden in Laingholm
Varnishing a wooden tiny house in Twizel
Washing exterior baths
Drawing for kids (Mélanie draw the turtle and the little girl is coloring it)
Yoann built a music instrument in Vanuatu ! At the end we made a big concert with plastic buckets, coconuts…
Always ready to help for cooking ! Mélanie is grating a coconut in Vanuatu.
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